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    Would you please help me with these
    1)intake counselor
    2)what is the difference between “to walk over sb” and “to walk over to sb”

    3)two Dixie Cups of lime Kool-Aid ( what’s Dixie mean?) what kind of beverage is this?
    4)Are the pronunciations of these two words the same (haunting , hunting) ?

    5)There are counselors to help newcomers adjust and friends to room with (can friends used as a verb?) or it should be make friends with
    6)Are "mull over" and "brood over" synonymous


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    Re: meaning8

    1)intake counselor - you find those in many different places. There are intake counselors in rehab centers, colleges, work places, etc.
    intake means the act of taking in.
    If it's a college or University, an intake counselor will be there to conduct intake interviews, screening, help the students with goal setting, placement within the programs and courses that are being offered. The counselor might be helping students to apply for financial aid making sure they understand everything about the new place.

    to walk over somebody
    means you make people do whatever you wish, it's being selfish, making use of others by treating them like slaves.

    "Mary is such a sweetie, she is always there to help anyone who needs help. This is why many people just walk all over her".

    Dixie cups...Dixie is a company that makes paper or plastic cups, utensils, plates, etc. These are all disposable things.

    haunting and hunting is two different pronunciations.
    haunting - au as in daunting task, flaunting
    hunting - same as in "bunny".

    5)There are counselors to help newcomers adjust and friends to room with.

    There are counselors to help newcomers adjust.
    There are counselors to help friends to room with.

    The counselors will make sure that the newcomers will be placed in the same rooms along with their friends ( people they already know, so they will feel more comfortable rather than putting them together with strangers in the same room).

    mull over
    means to think about something deeply, to "chew over" something.
    "For years I have been mulling over the possibility of moving down to Florida but something always tells me to stay put".

    brood over is also thinking but there is an element of worry and some anxiety in it. You think of something in a resentful way.

    Martha and Sarah are sisters that always fight but Sarah takes it much more seriously. It takes her a long time to forgive her sister. She broods over everything Martha said to her when they were arguing.

    Those words are similar but I wouldn't classify them as synonyms.


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