These are some of my thoughts about money, please would you proofread it.
In our civilisation there is a plague which is more dangerous than the global warming, cancer or AIDS. This plague has been poisoning human souls and destroying human beings and their relationships all around the world and it has taken control over the majority of the human beings without them noticing anything.
Everything started when someone came upon an idea that money is the criterion for judging success and happiness. People would never know who that person was, but certainly, he was not sensitive and passionate. Rather, he was a callous human being who lacked empathy and whose greed flew in his veins instead of blood. He was neither a poet nor an artist and he would walk by the beautiful flowers or blooming trees not thinking of their beauty, but how to sell them and make money.

And finally when he made his money, he decided to build a new, sumptuous house which would surpass all neighbouring houses. He also bought animals like oxen and horses which had been of much better breed than his neighbours.

When they saw how he had succeeded, people became impressed and envious. He had and they had not. He could and they could not. He ate well and lived in luxury while they themselves were hungry and their homes dark and damp. On the other hand, he soon understood that he had power over them. He could control them like marionettes.

He abused them, raped their wives and daughters, insulted them and made fun of them, but they still continued to come to him, his money pulling them like a magnet. He did not know anything about poetry, music or painting, but he knew many of poets, musicians and painters who had been poor and hungry and who came to his home to read verses dedicated to him, to paint portraits of him and his family or to entertain his guests with sweet music during the lavish meals.
He was surrounded all the time by the sycophants who were telling him how great he was and similar praises, which he knew were just flattery, but still it pleased him to hear them. If some of them became bold, arrogant or showed any sign of dissent, the rich man would simply throw him out and find another sycophant. There were hundreds of them patiently queuing in front of his home, waiting for a chance to come inside and feel at least for some moments the smell of money, wealth and power.

Even if he was not a religious person, he would regularly be seen in the company of the clergy who were eager to be seen with him in the church our outside. Although, Jesus and other prophets had warned people not to hoard material things and instead take care of their souls, the priests never criticised the rich man who invited them to his home and treated them with food and wine and donated lavishly to church. Officially, they believed in Jesus, but he was dead hundreds of years ago and could not help them any more, while the rich man and his money could perform wonders and turn stones into gold.
When the rich man saw his brothers and sister in need, suffering from all kind of afflictions and problems, he decided to help them and alleviate their suffering. After all, he was a human being with ability to feel and think. So when someone came to him and ask him for money, the rich manís heart cried and his eyes moistened with tears and he gave the man the money.

Witnessing such generosity, the man fell to the ground and started kissing the feet of the reach man. However, before he left, the rich man told him that was only lending him the money and he had to return it with the interest rate of 50% per month. The man in need had no other choice but to accept the unfavourable deal, because he had hungry children to feed, a sick wife or some other urgency on which depended his whole existence.

Later, if he somehow managed to pay back the money, he would praise God for his mercy, but if not, he would lose everything and became a serf, working on his land which now belonged to the rich man. As the people in need were in abundance and needed help, the rich man soon became even richer and his money grew with such a speed that he hardly managed to follow it. Thus, he had to employ an accountant to check all those rivers and oceans of money which seemed never to dry out.