I will never forget my first camping holiday.It was a day of the summer before school of 2009 when my family and I decided we should do something adventurous before the start of school so we take a camping trip to Danube Delta.The next day packed up our things and after a long journey we arrived at destination, a big and modern hostel.
I loved the campsite, not only because it had the best views I have witnessed in my years of travelling, but because the staff were friendly and helpful.Facilities on the campsite was very good with a drying room, showers, a wash area, and a very well stocked shop, where you could buy souvenirs.
Here I went with the boat on the Delta channels, I learn how to catch fish and watched the best sun sets ever, with truly amazing colours.
The time that I've spent there was great and I hope I will go there soon.

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