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    Thumbs up talking alot


    would you please send me when someone talks alot in a formal place,like a classroom,
    what can the teacher tell him/her in idioms
    to invite him/her tobe quite.

    yours faithfully

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    Re: talking alot

    would you please send me when someone talks a lot in a formal place, like a classroom


    The common polite things you can say are:
    please be quiet
    please stop talking
    please quieten down

    More informally (usually with your finger to your lips):
    hush, shoosh/shush, sshh

    More bluntly/rudely/angrily:
    shut up
    pipe down
    hush up
    put a sock in it
    shut it
    shut your mouth
    shut your trap/gob/face
    button it
    zip it
    belt up
    hold your tongue
    give it a rest
    ... and there are plenty more!

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    Re: Tall King Al Otte

    'Shut your cake hole, you nazi!' (Monty Python's Flying Circus)

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