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    Anthony Trollope translation

    Good morning,
    I'm translating a short tale by A. Trollope. He's talking about the feeling an Englishman has for his own home. When he says:
    "In some distant parts of the world it may be that an Englishman acknowledges his permanent resting place; but there are many others in which he will not call his daily house, his home."
    Question no.1: is he saying that no matters where an Englishman is buried, that will never be his home unless it is England?
    Question no.2: is the permanent resting place intended as his grave or just as the place to live?
    Thank you very much

    Have a nice day!

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    Re: Anthony Trollope translation

    It appears to me that Trollope means here the place in which he resides permanently, i.e, what most people would call 'home'.

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    Re: Anthony Trollope translation

    It is ambiguous in my opinion. Perhaps it would be better if you transfer this ambiguity into Italian, for example by making a phrase for it which ambiguously implies both home and grave. I hope it be possible. This is my answer to your second question.

    But about the first question:
    Not exactly. He doesn't say it in a strict way. The author assumes that there is a possibility for "a permanent resting place" which in my opinion is not exactly a home or a grave. Imagine the last scene of "Papillon", Dustin Hufman stays in the island, there could be his "permanent resting place" perhaps, but not all "permanent resting places" are like that.
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