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Thread: wish and hope

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    wish and hope

    Yesterday, I have a lesson and my teacher said one thing i have never heard before. she told my group that wish clause is different from hope because when we use wish it means unreal and hope is real. And my classmate wondered in the case: wish you a Merry Christmas or best wishes for you, if the person who said that meant that things would not happen to the listen.

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    Re: wish and hope

    Please try to use correct punctuation and capitalisation in your posts..

    Your teacher was almost certainly speaking of 'wish/hope (that)', and was right:

    I hope (that) he has arrived. The possibility of his having arrived is real.
    I wish (that) he had arrived.
    He did not arrive / he has not arrived.

    If you wish somebody something, you hope it happens for them.

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