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    it is best not to take risks even if it seems boring or.


    The beneath part is the definition of "Better safe than sorry", from the free dictionary, I want to know what it means, particularly the bold part.

    something that you say which means it is best not to take risks even if it seems boring or hard work to be careful

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: it is best not to take risks even if it seems boring or.

    "Better safe than sorry"

    Hi SilverO.
    The basic message in this saying is that it is better to not take a risk than to take a risk and regret the consequences of your action later. However, if this advice were followed rigorously it could lead to a boring and predictable life, which the dictionary definition you supplied seems to acknowledge. I guess it comes down to judging your chances of success against the likelihood of failure.

    not a teacher

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