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    Looking for (a) company

    I was paging through a dating site and noticed someone use the phrase "Looking for a company" as their topic. At first, I thought it sounded a bit funny. I had a strong hunch that in this sentence company is more associated with a firm rather than a person.

    So, the question is, is there a big difference using "looking for a company" and "looking for company" or is either one just bad language? Google search seems to indicate that the first one is indeed used in the case of firms and the latter in the case of people. I want to know if my hunches are worth listening to.

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    Re: Looking for (a) company

    Your hunches are correct. The dating-site words should be "Looking for company".

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    Re: Looking for (a) company

    Looking for (a) company

    Your hunch is correct. "Looking for a company" almost invariably means to be looking for a particular business or firm: "I'm looking for a company that used to make socks in this building, have they moved?". Another possibility is in the military where a company is a small group of infantry: "I'm looking for a company that should have passed this way 10 minutes ago".
    If you want to spend time with another person or a number of people, you are "looking for company".

    not a teacher

    Pipped at the post again, I'll leave it in for the extra bit of info.

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