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    please, review my motivation letter

    Halo, I'm very appreciate forum members for their help with my cv and hoping to get some more advise about my English texts for university admission. Here is my motivation letter. I'll be very very grateful for any your help and comments about it.

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am writing to express my concern in applying for the Master’s degree program in Quantitative Finance. I am very interested in this program and the opportunities that it provides.

    I think I’m very lucky. Many people feel anxious trying to find their place in life in professional context, and as for me, I’m very happy to be confident that I have found my calling in life – to be a financier and I’m doing my best to become a first-class specialist.

    In my opinion, a good financier has to have an analytical mind and good knowledge of mathematics and economics. Due to this, at first, I decided to obtain economical education with good mathematical basis and entered Odesa National I.I. Mechnicov University for the mathematical economics program. I graduated from the university in 2008 with both Master’s and Bachelor’s degree with distinction in mathematics, specialization mathematical economics. My university gave me a thorough knowledge of pure mathematics, economics and finance. A lot of attention was paid to financial mathematics, econometrics, and others branches of economics that require profound mathematical knowledge. I had the honor to communicate with and learn from many representatives of the post-Soviet school of economics and mathematics. My basic research activity was related mostly to differential equations, analysis and algebra. Besides, during my study, I had nine weeks internship in one of the largest Ukrainian banks -XXX Bank.

    Upon graduation I joined XXs International (XXI) – the agro-industrial holding company in the south of Ukraine as a Financial Economist. My wok duties are to analyze, plan and control financial flows of a group of agricultural enterprises, and participate in the development and further support of loan and financial programs. I can say that my education has helped me a lot in achieving good results in my career, but due to my work experience I think it is necessary for me to obtain additional education at XXX University, program Quantitative Finance, for many reasons. Some of them are as follows.
    First of all, during my work, despite the fairly good theoretical basis in economic theory, mathematics, as well as finance, I have still felt a certain lack of practical skills and theoretical knowledge, particularly with regard to recent researches in financial analysis, risk analysis and international financial statement analysis exactly the same branches of finance that XXX program concentrates on. According to this I believe that participation in the XXX program will help to fill up gaps in my knowledge and will allow me to be aware of the latest achievements in finance.

    Second, it is well known that finance and economics are rapidly developing branches of science. European and American scholars are always on the front edge of the newest developments in economics and finance promoting these sciences forward. That’s why Ukrainian employees appreciate European finance education, in particular Polish. Moreover Ukraine is a country with a developing economy and a large number of investments in our country are made by foreign investors, mostly from EU countries and Russia. Even companies with domestic capital are trying to enter international financial markets in order to find additional investments. Thus, financers with English-language based European education are more demanded in our country, so (thus) obtaining Master’s degree at your University will be a significant benefit in my further career.

    Third, historically Ukraine and Poland have deep-rooted, cooperative and comprehensive relations. Over past decade there have been a clearly visible tendency to constant trade growth and permanent increase in financial investments between our countries. I’m sure that this trend will remain and there will be many interesting and promising financial projects. That is why I think it is necessary for me to learn Polish language and culture, and of course, participating in the XXXX program gives me an excellent chance to do it.

    To conclude, I’d like to say that for all these reasons I’m convinced that the XXX is exactly what I need, in order to succeed in the future career and to obtain my goal – to become a first-class financier. With my strong academic background and relevant work experience, I am confident that I am qualified and able to perform well in this program.

    Thank you very much for considering my application. I look forward to your positive response.
    Yours sincerely, XXXX
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