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    please check the grammar mistakes

    In life lots of people ,who really want a stage or a point in their life to achieve,where they can wave his/her hand to those people who motivated and supported them to reach to their destiny.but people lack of these .... A people are like a lonely fish in the sea,who have to fight for their life,but in this journey,that fish faces various modes of life and some time fish needed a hand to cross that channel.when fish saw around it self and hope for a hand which comes for help...but fish is surrounded by darkness...let see fish would be able to survive or not..

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    Re: please check the grammar mistakes

    Lots of improvement needed here, anandvibhor. Firstly, what is going on with your punctuation? I see commas everywhere, full stops followed by lowercase letters and multiple cases of ellipses (the dot dot dot '...'). As I am sure you are aware, English sentences begin with capital letters and end with full stops. There are 2 spaces (when typing) following the full stop.

    I think you need to get basic punctuation down before you start worrying about other areas of grammar. Come back with a revised version employing proper punctuation and I'm sure someone will be happy to take a good look at it.

    Good luck!


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