Hello everyone!My name is Aiganym. I live in Kazakhstan and I want to enter to the Maastricht Hotel Management School. I have to write a motivation letter and recently I wrote it. I have read information about how to wrote this one, but think that my letter is not good enough. I would be very grateful if you could help me. Please, correct my letter if there is something to add or cut. I look forward for your advices. Have a nice day!

So, here is it:

Dear Sir,

I am a citizen of Kazakhstan and I would like to apply for the Bachelor in Maastricht Hotel Management School. I always have been interested in service area, especially in hotel management. Therefore, I want to gain invaluable skills and knowledge of this business in your School to develop hospitality management in my country.

I study in “Senim” high school which located in Almaty,Kazakhstan and I am graduating my school this year. As I remember myself, I always thought that ideal job is the job that makes you happy. From the childhood working with people and making their life comfortable bring me great pleasure. Several years ago I discovered hospitality management for myself. It attracts me with its twenty four hours working mode which never sleeps. I sure that it is the best work for me because I like to be in movement. Moreover, I think that facing with problems and solving them make hotel sphere more interesting.

I have read many information and several responses about your school where was written that the way how the school teach is really effective and is estimated as on of the best. I suppose Maastricht Hotel Management School is a big opportunity for me. I believe that being your student is a start to make a successful career in hospitality business and other areas connecting with management and marketing. I have exceptional motivation and strong ambitions to achieve my aims.

Thank you very much for considering my request. I look forward for your answer.

Yours sincerely,