I would appreciate help from anyone who would review my motivation letter and provide constructive criticism. I will make the necessary letterhead format prior to submitting the motivation letter. Here is my motivation letter:

As a recent graduate of XXX in XXX I hope to further my education at the masterís level. Through this letter I would like to express my interest in pursuing a masterís degree in Psychology with specialisation in Child and Developmental Psychology at XXX. I believe my educational background and experience would enable me to make a strong contribution at the university.
My passion for working with children stems from my experiences as a child. Growing up was very difficult. My mother was a young single woman who gave birth to me at the age of 17. Having little support from my father she worked hard to provide for us but at times were unable to do so. I can vividly recall leaving home early to have breakfast at school because we did not have money to buy basic essentials such as bread or milk. Having little financial resources proved challenging, however despite this and other unfortunate events occurring in my childhood it did not become an excuse to not succeed. Carl Jung once said, ďI am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to becomeĒ. Every day I live by those words and believe that I am not defined by the negative experiences of my past but what I am able to accomplish in the future.
The social and economic disparities evident in my childhood and in so many urban settings though disturbing has motivated me to strive to become a Child Psychologist. I am driven by the need to alleviate many problems affecting disadvantaged children. My drive for helping children led me XXX, a foster home in XXX that provides shelter and care to children who do not have a stable home. I volunteered for many months, engaging in creative activities with the children as well as providing them with instructional help with their school work. I was able to live vicariously through the children and provide them with the care and nurturance I hungered for as a child. When I was not actively engaged at the home I worked independently to fundraise supplies such as clothes, food and school supplies for the childrenís home. Working with the children was a joy and solidified my goal of becoming a child psychologist.
To achieve my goal of becoming a Child Psychologist further studies and practical skills need to be developed. The advanced studies in Psychology, such as those currently offered at XXX would support and further my immediate career goals. Acceptance into the masterís program at XXX would provide me with the necessary theoretical and practical skills needed to excel in the professional world. In reviewing the research of the faculty at XXX I am inspired by their work and hope to conduct future research with them. XXX and XXX are two faculty members whose research surrounding race and intergroup relations have intrigued me as it relates to my undergraduate thesis topic and personal area of interest.
I feel strongly that my diverse undergraduate studies and experience have provided me with an excellent foundation for graduate studies in Child and Developmental Psychology. My educational background which encompasses knowledge acquired from universities with strong Psychology programs in the XXX and XXX have instilled in me the qualities required to meet the rigor of this demanding profession. Along with the academic knowledge my work experience has also been significant. Supplementary to the volunteer work conducted in XXX, I have also worked with children with various mental disabilities (i.e. Autism, ADHD). Currently I am employed at the XXX as a disability education worker, however, as of April 1st, 2011 I will be promoted as the Disability Laison Officer. As a disability education worker I am responsible for providing research assistance and support to university students with physical disabilities (i.e. Blind, Paraplegic) and mental disabilities (i.e. Aspergerís) and later as a disability laision officer I will work closely with all of the students with disabilities by finding necessary support to make their experience during their studies rewarding. My passion and commitment for making a positive difference in peopleís lives through my volunteer and employment work represents the fulfilment of my purpose in life. This fierce determination will drive me to succeed in this program.
As an individual who have overcome several challenges I have learned to become strong, motivated and persistent. I am able to work independently while attaining the innate ability to take direction, supervision and constructive criticism without becoming overly sensitive. These characteristics will assist me in becoming a successful student at XXX and a future Child Psychologist.
Upon completion of my degree I hope to implement the textbook and practical knowledge to provide children with the tools to manage issues deemed problematic. While I am determined to succeed as a psychologist I also hope to expand my opportunities to help the citizens of my country. An goal of mine is to construct a facility in XXX aimed at educating individuals on parenting skills while teaching them how to cope and understand the needs of children with disabilities. Due to the significant lack of understanding of children and their needs, this facility would provide immense benefits for the people of XXX.
I anticipate that acceptance at XXX will be a wonderful next step for me in attaining my ambitions. I am fully confident that by pursuing my education at XXX, I will not only be able to fulfil my dream, but to contribute substantially to the university as well. I hope with this motivation letter the admissions committee are able to grasp a better understanding of XXX, an applicant who has a great desire to be admitted into the masterís program in Psychology with specialisation in Child and Development Psychology. I thank you for reading my motivation letter and considering my application.