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Thread: need your help

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    Smile need your help

    ***put two and two together.

    ***his eyes wide open.

    ***get the picture.

    ***ring a bell in my mind.

    ***bring to mind.

    ***i was'nt born yesterday.

    ***came to grips with.

    please give me the meaning of these idioms

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    Re: need your help


    ***put two and two together. Look at the available evidence and come to a conclusion.
    ***his eyes wide open. Fully aware of the nature of a situation.
    ***get the picture. To get the meaning of something, to understand it correctly.
    ***rings a bell. Prompts my memory about a particular thing, although faintly or incompletely.
    ***brings to mind. Helps you recall something.
    ***I wasn't born yesterday. I am not so naive, inexperienced or easy to fool.
    ***come to grips with. Manage, deal with or take charge of a problem or situation.
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