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    I am a student in EFL field. I need some advice and opinion from experienced teachers about your classroom situation. Are there any problems that you need to consider to change something such as course outline, material or teaching method? Did you find any solutions that work for you and your students? What do you think? I'm looking farward to hear from you. Thank you for your kindness.

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    Re: Innovation in the classroom

    Do you mean adapting such things to the requirements of your students as you are going through a course, or do you mean prior to the course. I improvise a lot anyway, so I frequently change direction during a course and depart from outlines. However, this is not so easy if you are not familiar with a course. When, say, you know an exam well and are teaching that course, you can move about quite freely because you know what needs to be covered, but can do it in accordance with the development of the class. The most extreme example of chan ging materials was when I had a blind student and the only book we could find in braille was a 1970s workbook. I simply explained this to the rest of the class and they happily used it as the basic coursebook. If your students trust you, such changes are easy to make. Chaning outlines depends very much the culture of the institution.

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