I've been a private English tutor for about 2 years now, but just recently I've started to have a lot of students. I'm a university student myself, so it's something I do on the side. Anyway, now that I have many students with (of course) varied levels of English/vocabulary sets, role playing activities have become an important part of my lessons. They engage the students, they're fun, and it gets the student to think on his or her feet.

I try to avoid mundane situations (i.e. you need to order food from a restaurant), but I often have a hard time coming up with new ideas. So I've decided to make a list here to share with you guys, and maybe someone else, if they do similar activities, can share what they've come up with.

1. You need to explain what an airplane is and what it does to someone from the past (2000 years ago).
2. You need to ask a friend to pick your son up from soccer practice because you'll be busy.
3. Your family is going to go on vacation, and you need to give ideas for a destination.
4. You need to convince your friend to come with you to a concert of a band that they hate.
5. You are seeing a friend after 20 years of being out of the country. Tell him about your experience!

I've done more, but I didn't type them out, and I can't really remember.

Because the lessons are private, I'm always one of the participants, and so I can steer the conversation in different ways to encourage them to speak more, or to use a sentence structure that they're maybe not comfortable with (this is often the case with the present perfect progressive with for and since).

So, if anyone has a list of this sort of thing, or just a couple ideas, that would be great. If not, feel free to use mine (especially the first one, it's a lot of fun). I'll add more as they come back to me.