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    a new member need a help

    hello every one
    actually am anew member
    i faced some problems in some poems it's in modern american poetry..
    I want analysis with some critical points on this poem

    A Quiet Poem

    When music is far enough away
    the eyelid does not often move

    and objects are still as lavender

    without breath or distant rejoinder.

    The cloud is then so subtly dragged

    away by the silver flying machine

    that the thought of it alone echoes

    unbelievably; the sound of the motor falls

    like a coin toward the ocean's floor

    and the eye does not flicker

    as it does when in the loud sun a coin

    rises and nicks the near air. Now,

    slowly, the heart breathes to music

    while the coins lie in wet yellow sand.

    by Frank O'Hara

    I really really need it befor this wednesday
    I will be thankful for all of you

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    Re: a new member need a help

    It's homework and you are meant to do it yourself. We don't do people's homework for them. We will discuss and offer suggestions, but you must do your own work.

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