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    Wink in behalf or on behalf

    which is correct in behalf or on behalf? when do you use the other?

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    Re: in behalf or on behalf

    "On behalf" is correct. Use it to say something is being done for someone else. "I am writing to you on behalf of Mr. Grinspoon." Means the words and meaning is coming from Mr. Grinspoon, but another person is actually writing the letter.

    I can't think of any time I would use "in behalf of"

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    Re: in behalf or on behalf

    Welcome, Steve.

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    Re: in behalf or on behalf

    I wanted to ask whether `on behalf` may refer to a thing and not to a person only, eg.: "to study a `subject` long enough to realize that the claims made on its behalf are true" - is it the same meaning? beacause in my language it sounds weird, I couldn`t even get what it would mean when I read it

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    thanks so much steve...

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