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    Would you please help me with these
    1) It was a hard sock in the stomach
    2) lace sth(with sth) is it used just in this case ?” to add amount of sth to a drink”
    3) “I'm going to be sick” does it necessarily mean I am going to puke
    4) What do you call (simile or metaphor…) used in poems? What are the other kinds?
    5) how do you read this (of course it’s a little bit difficult to show, 11³ =>eleven cubed just picture it‘s 17 instead of 3 now how do you so? and these 8/3 7/11

    Thanks a lot
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    Re: meaning9

    1. it was a powerful punch in the stomach ... or ... the person ate something bad, that it tasted or felt like a hard sock when she/he ate it.

    2. no idea..

    3. sometimes 'i'm going to be sick' means the person who said it experienced something awful that just by hearing about it (for example), she's going to have a fever. most of the time, it's used as an exaggeration.

    4. try searching it up with wikipedia or any online references.

    5. eleven to the seventeenth power. about the fractions.. hmmm..

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    Re: meaning9

    8/3=eight thirds
    7/11=seven elevenths


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