Dear all,

I'm writing to see if anybody could help me with my motivation letter, both on style and grammar side of this letter. I hope that somedody will have a spare minute to spend cheking it, and any advise or correction will be more than appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance for anybody's help.



Dear Sir or Madam,

with this letter I would like to apply for the XXX programme hosted at the school of business and economics at the XXX University of Berlin.
My name is XXX XXX and it is currently almost three years that I’m living in Manchester, England, working for an international car rental broker. I got a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering, and to widen my knowledge on management related disciplines, seen the interest these have always aroused in me, I did my thesis on project management after a sponsor company offer me an internship with them. I then had the possibility to consolidate my competence in this context, thanks to the trust gained with the same company that proposed me to continue to work with them on others projects, and where, for a year and a half, I gained a “on the field” expertise on IT related projects .
A myriad of different factors made me want to apply to the XXX programme. It is currently the best quality I can get, and it is also the prestige of the XXX University of Berlin, with its forty nobel laureates honoured, if it come to my chance on the labour or research market afterwards. It is so desirable to attend a master, like the XXX programme, that put so strongly the accent on its will to provide the student a privilege eye on the international dimension of today world, having the possibility to host different professor and staff from different countries, and expose the student to a multicultural environment. In addition, I will be enthusiasm to have the possibility to learn a new language interesting as German, that will definitely broaden my future horizons. Furthemore I fell in love with Berlin, the greatness of the city and the metropolitan an stimulating culture that is perceivable everywhere, it really fascinated me.
After a lot of searching and meditating, I’m now sure that the XXX programme at the XXX University of Berlin is the right choice for me, especially now that I’m aware of the amazing reality we live in everyday, and the fast paced world we have to face daily. I’m completely determined to pursue a degree in international economics, with keen interest and dedication, that will lead me to achieve brilliant success at your course.
I’m totally confident in my abilities, and wish to assure the evaluation board that I would bring my own experience, learning, educational background and exposure gained throughout my academic and professional periods. It would be very enlightening to share and exchange thoughts and ideas with a group of people who are from different nationalities, cultural orientation and school of thought on one platform.
I hope that you have a picture of me and my motives. Thank you for considering my candidacy. I look forward to hearing from you.