Can someone please proofread my motivation letter? Since I'm not native English there will be several basic 'errors' in my first attempt .
Thanks in advance.

I appreciate this opportunity to present more background information for my motivation towards my application for entrance to the International Business course at Maastricht University.

The BSc International Business at the School of Business and Economics of the Maastricht University firstly addressed me because of its qualifications of high standards, being ranked as the best school for the BSc International Business in the Netherlands, which definitely has appealed to me.

After visiting the open day in November and the Student-for-a-day of February 16th, I was really convinced that the approach of problem-based learning instead of the usual, theoretical point of view is what I want. I know this is the right for me, as albeit I am well able to learn from books, the applying and processing all information is the only way which really addresses me and lets me achieve to a greater extent.

Concerning the International Business course, I am intrigued by this because of the prevailing international aspect, and I have always been fascinated by the encountering of a larger scene, rather than just the Netherlands or particular areas as most courses, and the professions to come with them, stress on.

My goals upon this study are being able to get significant meaning, and some sort of determined influence within the, international aimed, world, instead of just my own environment. Personally being able to make something happen, not just observing but actually having the ability to change and improve, without being obstructed towards the small-scale daily procedures.

I would like to reach this by learning how to refine strategic plans and optimizing an organization and managing to successfully apply the marketing and financial activities such as presenting and leading a team and working within one, and this school has proven to be able for me to learn me strive for satisfying the customer in the best ways possible.

The SBE of Maastricht University has the capability, and I have the will and belief to let me engage this course, to rise above myself and get in control by means of strategizing within major organizations and managing an international team towards global success, financially and culturally.

Finally I would like to say that I like to take decisions and the accountability to come with them, and to be part of a cooperating team. I am keen to experience this course and I am convinced that it will teach me to achieve my aspirations. I am sure that Maastricht University’s BSc International Business can teach me all I need, and is a splendid set up for my further career.