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    "spare part" or "spare parts" catalog

    Good afternoon,

    which is correct:

    a) spare part catalog
    b) spare parts catalog

    which is correct:

    a) spare part solutions
    b) spare parts solutions

    I would appreciate the rule or reasoning, too.

    This is coming from a german company that creates catalogs, but wishes to name their department "solutions".

    Thank you.

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    Re: "spare part" or "spare parts" catalog

    a) spare part (the catelog is called 'spare part'; it's a coinage)
    b) spare parts catalog (The catelog sells spare parts)

    a) spare part solutions (again, it's a name, a coinage)
    b) spare parts solutions (the solutions refer to spare parts; this isn't a name or a coinage.)

    "spare part solutions" is a very cool name for a catelog, and "solutions" is a cool name for a department.


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