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    "scoping libraries" meaning

    Hello, everybody!
    Glad to visit this site again. My today's guestion is what does "scoping libraries" mean?
    This phrase is taken from the text where the certain calculation code is described.
    Thank's a lot.

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    Re: "scoping libraries" meaning

    I'm afraid the context you've supplied isn't really enough. I suspect that library has a specialized meaning related to IT, 'repository of a set of values used by the system in executing this program'. A program may 'link to' various libraries of this kind, so that it can use standard variables of some kind.

    'Scoping' would be something defined by the software - possibly to do with estimating the scope of some aspect of the job to be done. The values used in doing this job would be stored in a 'scoping library'. (note - this is not clear or elegant use of language, but (regrettably, in my view) it's the sort of thing software developers do! )


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