Could you just throw an eye on my Erasmus application letter? Thanks in advance!!

If you feel there's too much or sth missing: I'm helpful for every kind of critics :)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am applying for the ERASMUS programme for the following academic year 2011/2012.

Currently I am studying Applied Foreign Languages at the Université Marne la Vallée – Paris Est in France. As my fourth semester is going to be finished soon, I would like to take the opportunity to continue my studies next year in England, preferably at the University of Salford. Still, I remain open to inscribe at another University.

The University of Salford seems a good choice to me, because of different reasons.
First of all, the region of Greater Manchester is known as a university town, being the city with the most students per km² in Great Britain. Having been studying during one semester at the University of Gießen, the German equivalent of it, I know the advantages of learning and living in a university town.
Also, the University of Salford offers a lot of courses which I can unfortunately not take in Université Marne la Vallée - Paris Est, like the top rated English Literature course. Convinced that literature plays a big role when learning a language, I would appreciate having the ability to inscribe in this course.
With London being the only British city I know so far, studying in Salford would be a great possibility to see some other sides of this unique country and thereby getting to know the English people and their culture.

My application for the Erasmus programme is fully integrated in my professional plan and academic background, as I am going to choose Tourism as my focal point in my future studies.
As you can see from my certificate of performance, foreign languages and cultures are my fields of interest. I am convinced that only by living in an other country, the spoken language can be learned and the foreign culture can be understood.
Therefore, it would be an honour for me If I had the possibility to be a part of the ERASMUS programme. Not only could I improve my written and spoken English skills, I could also experience the British civilisation and daily life. In exchange I would a bring in my knowledge of German, Italian and French culture and share it with all the other students to broaden our horizons.

Having grown up in Germany and been studying now in France for 2 years, I feel like being ready for an other challenge of life, which one year in Salford would absolutely be. But I am eager to do this step and look forward to do this experience in order to continue my professional and personal development.

I wish to thank you in advance for your consideration.

Yours faithfully