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    Need help

    1. What does 'the girl that waits on you with her left side' mean? (She said that to her chum, Sadie-- the girl that waits on you with her left side.)

    2. What does 'cherry stones by the old salts in sailor's homes' mean? (--with faces like those carved on cherry stones by the old salts in sailor's homes--)

    3. What does 'back in' mean in context of this sentence? (Dulcie went up to her room-- the third floor back in a West Side brownside-front.

    4. What does 'issued by pinckle works' mean? (On her dresser were her treauseres - a gilt china vase presented to her by Sadie, a calendar issued by pinckle works--)

    5. What kind of powder is 'rice powder'?

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    Re: Need help

    1. Sorry, I have no idea.

    2. Old salts are old sailors and fishermen (from salt water), a sailor's home is a retirement home for old sailors. Cherry stones are the pits in cherries. Making small, intricate carvings (usually in whalebone) called scrimshaw was once a favorite pastime of sailors. I imagine that retired sailors might make carvings of heads from cherry stones (pits) but I don't know what they look like.

    3. The building has at least two apartments per floor, some facing the street (front) and some facing the rear (back). Dulcie's room was on the third floor at the back (rear) of the building.

    4. Pinkle Worksis the name of a company that sponsored (issued) the calendar with their name on it, then gave them away free as advertising.

    5. Sorry, I don't know


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