Dear Forum Members!
I would kindly ask for your support in checking my motivation letter in terms of grammar and syntax as well as the content (English is not my mother tongue). Your feedback will be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Dear members of admission committee;

This letter expresses my interest in applying for the Master in International Trade Supply Chain Management track, within XX University.

Enjoying planning operations, coordinating tasks and thinking about improvements, I am deeply interested in the supply chain management. Reviewing in detail your program, I was highly attracted by your educational policies and especially the Problem-Based Learning. Indeed, this method is similar to the one taught in my bachelor's school and the practicality of this teaching will, without any doubts, allow me to have a further understanding of the main supply chain stakes in international trade and therefore expand my educational background. More than this, it would provide me all the skills and qualifications required to enter into the labor market. Another interest of mine is the culturally diverse environment in which I could learn much from both professors and students of many countries.

Currently, I am completing a bachelor degree in International trade Supply chain management track within YY University College in ZZ. I'm deeply convinced that this will be an excellent basis to continue my education within the University of XX. Indeed, my curses provided me a practical approach of International trade by doing market research, supply chain audit and a final report providing solutions vis--vis the logistical implications of the E-commerce. Moreover, the professional skills such as the organizational ones that I am learning during my internship in Shanghai will be an invaluable asset to participate in a program on Supply Chain Management track.

Wishing to work in the future in the logistical part of an airport, I am convinced that the program offered by the University of XX, will help me to achieve this career goal. Furthermore, its Master in International trade is recommended as a reference. That is why, through my researches on schools for next year, the University of XX came to me as the best in class. I would therefore be proud of being a student in the Master of International Trade supply chain management track within XX University.

Thank you very much for taking my application into consideration.

Yours faithfully,