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    Afraid of making mistakes!

    Dear teacher,

    My problem is that I can't use my English!!

    Please tell me that its okay to make mistakes .

    Some times I make huge mistakes only because I got afraid of making mistakes!

    I even Forget the simple easy words :( only because of my wrong way of thinking.

    I am sure I am not stupid. I dont know what is going on with me

    I want it PERFECT

    see you






    I know I am no angle lol >>>just wanna look cool

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    Re: Afraid of making mistakes!

    Make mistakes! It's important. Learning, even learning how to walk, takes time and effort. Gee, even Olympic athletes makes mistakes - that's why they train.

    Please tell me that it's okay to make mistakes.
    Sometimes I make huge mistakes because I am afraid of making mistakes!

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    Red face Re: Afraid of making mistakes!

    Thank you Casiopea ! That was quick

    I will try....

    God, I hate this lack of confidence.

    BTW, I ment making mistakes when talking <<<<when I go>>>

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    Re: Afraid of making mistakes!

    I have the same problem. I hate it that it's so difficult to control your speech, as opposed to writing.

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    Re: Afraid of making mistakes!

    hi Miss Qatar
    how are you??
    this problem with all of us so don't worry
    if you want to learn you must to try even if you have mistakes
    all of us have language mistakes
    even with your mother language

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    Re: Afraid of making mistakes!

    Welcome, hanoo.

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    Re: Afraid of making mistakes!

    You are not alone! And you are not stupid!

    What helps me sometimes was thinking of what I would do in my native language if I couldn't think of a word

    --describe it (it's's a fruit)
    --approximate (it's orange, but red)
    --give the larger category (it's a bird...if I don't know "speckled grouse")
    --use phrases like "it's that thing..." "it's like when"... all languages have them, you just have to figure out what they are
    --use hand gestures

    I listen to music in my second language if I know I'm going to have to use it. It seems if that part of my brain gets "turned on" then it works better...

    Some people even get hyponotized for things that make them that you know it's the fear that is the problem, not your knowledge!

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    Lightbulb Re: Afraid of making mistakes!

    Thank you Hullu, Hanoo,dvorah and casiopea again


    yeah so we both are on the same boat


    I am fine enough thank you sooo much for the encouraging words


    Quote Originally Posted by Dvorah
    You are not alone! And you are not stupid!

    I am not?


    you have no idea how happy I am with your reply , VERY USEFUL for me. Its Like a new light turning on .

    hummmm,About the songs I tried it before but I couldn't figure the words because of the speed and the way the singer pronounce it, It's different than when talking, also the music makes it hard to distinguish words.

    But with Barney this problem is solved>>>Pathetic, ha ?

    Thank you all

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    Re: Afraid of making mistakes!

    Hi there,
    Well, we all make mistakes, and we should. This way, we learn!

    Here are some tips for you:
    1.READ! Try to repeat some sentences from what you read.

    2.Watch a lot of talk shows. They will help you increase your vocabulary and conversational expressions.

    3.Listen to interviews of any nature.

    4. Use you English with people who speak/know it, i.e. practise, practise, practise! Practise makes perfect.

    5. Do NOT be afraid/ shy of using English. If you are, you won't be able to improve your language.

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    Re: Afraid of making mistakes!


    Thank alot for the five

    I will but them all in mind

    But not the practice point !. I have no one around to practice with face to face. Only the online chat rooms

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