Hi, mates, I ve just translated a part of text from Portuguese into English. I am not so confident about the understading of this text. So , I would like to know if it is clear in terms of grammar and sense.
Here the text:

Linked to the Department of Arts and Literature of Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz, the Journal EID & A - Electronic Journal of Integrated Studies in Discourse and Argumentation - arises from a mission to contribute to the dissemination of studies located in the interface between Discourse Analysis and Argumentation. Thus, papers submitted to this Scientific Committee should be taken on the perspective of studies that comprise the argumentation in the process of constructing meaning in discourse and in the utterance situation. The goal is to promote discussion of theoretical objects or analysis of these discursive practices in society.
The first issue EID & A will gather papers which focus precisely on the essence, problems and prospects from the interface between Discourse Analysis and Argumentation.