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Thread: These waters?

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    These waters?

    I've learned that "water" is an uncountable noun, isn't it?
    But, yesterday I saw it used as a countable noun in a sentence in an English website, the sentence is "These waters aren't silent"
    What about the truth?
    Thank you so much!

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    Re: These waters?


    a. flowing water, or water moving in waves: The river's mighty waters.

    b. the sea or seas bordering a particular country or continent or located in a particular part of the world: We left San Diego and sailed south for Mexican waters.

    Waters | Define Waters at

    The word "waters" is also used in a number of idioms. Examples:

    "muddy the waters" -- to make something like an issue or situation more confusing

    "still waters run deep" -- you say this about a person who's very quiet but has an interesting personality or interesting thoughts

    "(to) test the water(s)" -- find out if something will be successful or if would you like it before you try it

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    Re: These waters?

    Another idiom: 'stormy/choppy/rough waters' = an area* where things aren't placid

    * - which can be metaphorical. A marriage might go through choppy waters. ( If it gets much worse, the marriage will be 'on the rocks'.


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