Hello everyone :) I wonder if you could check my writing (giving solutions) I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I'll give it a try.
Here is the text:

The ways to improve learning of foreign languages

Nowadays as globalization impacts on our lives more and possibilities of travelling, working abroad are considered almost by everyone, knowledge of foreign languages is highly needed. The question is how to improve learning of foreign languages?
One of the best ways is unconscious learning. Many people struggle with learning a foreign language as they study only grammar. If you want to learn it unconsciously you should listen, in fact, repetitive listening is the best. You can listen to the same audio for 40 times until you know phrases by your heart, therefore, you will be able to speak automatically without translating.
Another solution is to combine pleasure with learning. Firstly, learning material must be interesting, so if you have any hobbies, interests you can join various forums on Internet and discuss it with other people or you can even find native speaking friends and talk to them via SKYPE or e-mails. Secondly, you should be interested in culture of a language that you’re learning, so search for music, watch TV shows or listen to a regional radio.
To sum up, we see that there are plenty of ways to improve learning of foreign languages. Whatever we do we must be passionate and interested, because learning can be also fun.

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