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    Smile Describe the historical events that changed the future of your country. please check

    There are a lot of historical events that changed the future of my motherland. In 1918 28-th of May Azerbaijani nation created its own democratic country- Azerbaijan Republic. After two years country was invaded by soviet armies and finally, 70 years later achieved its independence again. One of the most important events of the period when Azerbaijan became free country after USSR fall down is 17 November- Day of Rage. This historical event has crucial role in the way of independence. This day also is a symbol of unity and pride of Azerbaijani nation.
    First of all, during 70 years of strict Soviet rule, Azerbaijan has lost a lot of things. Our oil, gas, lands was overused by Russian government and our mother language was substituted by Russian language. There were not any signs of freedom of speech and people were afraid of sharing their thoughts or complaining about this regime. Millions of Azeris were victims of harsh repressions during 70 years. They were arrested, killed, tortured and sent to Siberia with no reason17 November was the start of the end of this injustice. From that date people get together in Freedom Square, they started to demand their rights. People were fed up with this authorial regime and they fought for their freedom.
    Secondly, starting with that date Azerbaijanis came back to their roots. . Russian government wanted to assimilate our nation and kill our national spirit. They did not want us to save our culture and celebrate our holidays like Novruz, Ramadan. Soviet regime did not allow us to improve keep our national dances and other traditions. Because the official religious view was atheism, they destroyed our mosques where we prayed to God. Day of Rage destroyed all of this rules and repressions. After that day people became united and they started to feel stronger and more courageous. Azerbaijanis were considered nation of the year after 17 November. Self-esteem of the people became high and spirit of the nation was undefeatable. “Power of the people is stronger than people in the power”- this quote was proved one more time in the Day of Rage.
    As a conclusion, 17 November 1988 is very significant date in the history of Azerbaijan. In the “Day of Rage” people could stand for them, fight for their rights and was no more afraid of death. Young generation of Azerbaijan are owe to this historical event for freedom.

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    Re: Describe the historical events that changed the future of your country. please ch

    This appears to be a homework assignment. We do not help with homework assignments.

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