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    African ESL student

    I am a teacher in a public school in the US. I have a student this year who has been in the US for only about 3 years, originally from Africa. This student's native language is said to be Swahili. The student is late-deafened due to meningitis 3 years ago, and reportedly also has an undetermined communication disorder.

    I seek to assist this student in learning English, but I am floundering because I am not even sure what this child knows in her own language! Her case file indicates that she spent at least some years in a refugee camp, so it seems likely that she's not had a lot of formal education. Does any one have some tips on how I can get started on this task?
    Thanks for any assistance, I really appreciate it!
    J. K. Calkins

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    Re: African ESL student

    Hello, and welcome.

    In addition to the advice you might receive here at UsingEnglish, you may also want to consider visiting the discussions boards at and

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    Re: African ESL student

    Thanks, Casiopea! I'll check those sites out. Not many responses on my post so far, though I guess it probably takes a day or two. I'll keep checking!
    Thanks again!

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    Re: African ESL student

    Well, we're more than willing to help you out, teacherkev - even if we have to redirect you to another site - but please understand that your topic deals with a specialized area: special needs ESL, so you may want to consider doing a search using those keywords. Look for sites where teachers, like you, are dealing with similar situations.

    All the best,

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