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    I need add commas.

    Hello everbody.
    This is my assignment on English class. I must put the commas when necessary. Could you check, or tell me where should be a commas, please?

    1. Yes( , ) Icarus flew like a bird ( , )but he lived to regret it.

    2.In the middle of serious speechon poverty ( , )the senator suddenly recited a tasteless poem a bawdy limerick.

    3.Suzanne called Brent packed her belongings said her goodbyes ( , ) and moved to her place.
    4.The computer ( , ) an extremely useful tool has advanced a long way in just a few years.

    5.I am sorry if I hurt your feelings Aaron. ( NO COMMAS?)

    6.A new baseball glove( , ) was after all a luxury.

    7. Begining on July 1( , ) 1863( , ) the Civil War battle that took place at Guttysburg Pennsylvania ( , )was probably the most decisive battle of the war.

    8. Made by the noted German director Wim Wenders, Paris Texas was set in an actual town in Lamar Country Texas with a population of 23( , )242.

    9. My youngest sister( , ) who is a paleontologist( , ) showed me her collection of skulls.

    10. Although the storm brought high winds it did no damage. ( NO COMMAS?)

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    Re: I need add commas.

    Hi, Although I am not a teacher, I can tell you that I think you have 1 and 9 correct. I am not sure about sentence 5.

    Here are some hints:

    In sentence 3 Suzanne does four separate things
    In sentences 2 and 4 you have one out of two commas correct
    Sentences 7 and 8 - always put a comma between the City and State and between the County and State

    Sentences 6 and 10 - put the comma where you would naturally pause when you read the sentence

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