Hello everyone, I have recently passed my CELTA course and I am currently in the Netherlands trying to make it as an English language teacher. Initially I wanted to work in a language school but this has proven to be quite difficult to achieve here. I have started to advertise myself as a private teacher, a bit of luck has come my way and I have my first student.

She is a Dutch woman, her level is quite high. Just from talking to her on the phone I notice she has problems with tense, word order and some vocab. All problems that are quite common with the Dutch.

As I am a newly qualified teacher with all my experience of teaching being within the CELTA course - which was working from a student work-book, developing lesson plans for groups of students - having the complete opposite style of lesson to prepare for is a little daunting for me.

I would love to get some advice on where to start in order to prepare lessons suitable for her. Her main motivation is to improve her conversational English and I am sure there are exercises and techniques to do this? I can imagine only talking and correcting for an hour to become quite difficult and dry.

When I meet her tomorrow I will ask questions and take note of her mistakes. Is there anything in particular that I should be asking in order to gain the right info?

Do you know of any good materials to use for one to one lessons? Can you suggest a good website to order work-books from?

I am really excited and keen to get started, so any advice will be really appreciated.