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    Which is correct?

    Which version is correct?

    As though he was acting in a capacity of/ as though in a capacity of a political analyst, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, warned yesterday, as he had done at the beginning of the month, that the composition of the existing government did not meet Israel's pressing need…

    Please, check if the following passage is grammatically correct.

    In turn, Prime Minister "N" associates revealed that due to the tightening noose of political isolation around … neck, PM "N" was considering to come up with a political initiative which would include new and original ideas aimed at breaking the impasse in which the peace talks are currently stuck.

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    Re: Which is correct?

    Not Teacher

    Well I'm not quite sure why, but I believe it should be the capacity, in most cases. Maybe someone can explain why.

    PM "N" was considering (to come) coming up with a political initiative*
    this jumps tense. Perhaps- considered coming up with

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