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    see you...........

    1. see you later
    2. see you then
    3. see you soon
    4. see you
    5. see you some time
    6. talk to you later

    I understand the meanings of the above phrases. But I found when A would not see B later or later on the day. They still said see you later, see you then or talk to you later.

    Please clarity the differences of the above phrases?

    Thank you.

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    Re: see you...........

    They're all the same. They all just mean "bye".

    "See you later" doesn't mean "later today" or "later this week"... just later.
    The "later" part doesn't really mean anything.

    You can even say this to someone you won't see again, like after a bad date, or after a bad interview. No one expects it to literally mean that you'll see them later.

    However, if you are seeing someone later in the day, you can say "see you later" to mean that you'll literally see them later in the day. You can also say "see you soon" when you expect to see them soon but, again, it doesn't have to mean that.


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