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    Question PLease help with these sentences

    How do I correct and explain what is wrong with these sentences.. I am so lost. Well I have a great idea but I need help please help...

    We didnít keep in touch for ages because of being very busyí

    Please help how do I explain or correct these sentences correctly?

    ĎIím sure youríre very successful and dedicated teacherí.

    Before immigrate to Canada, I was typical hous wife and didnít worry bout my future life.

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    Talking Re: PLease help with these sentences

    I suggest the best way u can do it, is by re-formatting the whole sentence, Ma'am..
    And the best thing that can pop out of my mind at this kind of time is:

    Because of my (our) business, I (we) haven't been able to keep in touch for quite a while..

    (hey.. what do you expect from a guy who's very sleepy but still wanna do someone a favor?)


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    Re: PLease help with these sentences

    Thank you so much... but I need a grammatical explnation as to why she is having these problems and need to show u know subject + wrong use of auxiliary verb its soooooooooooooooooooooooo stressful but I hope you have a good sleep

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    Talking My mistake..

    My mistake then..
    I didn't know that you're a teacher too..
    I thought it was your sentence.
    I didn't know that it was your student's

    NB: Yes, I had a good morning sleep (for about 3 hours)



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    Re: PLease help with these sentences

    I am not a teacher just trying to help someone out so i thought I would try to get some help to help this student.... If you can please help me explain and analyze the sentences. That would be lovely :)

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