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    Heloo Teacher, please help tp correct my English gramma writing. Thank you.

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    Re: Heloo Teacher, please help tp correct my English gramma writing. Thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by austinle View Post
    Dear Kristina, how are you doing back there?
    All things going well for you, how's your job and your family?

    Kristina, all things coming very smooth for me so far,
    I just had a job interviewed in last week, and the manager who was interview me, he very interested my experience and also my background,
    I got hired at the same day that I had interviewed. Most of the management of that company they’re very nice. I feeling that I’m a lucky one.
    I just bought a car, for daily means of my work; the color is red and black. It cost all of my saving money.
    Now I became a poor person.
    Hey dear, few words for you, hopes will have a chance to meet up with you soon.

    Best wish,
    Dear Kristina,
    How are you doing? I hope all's going well for you. How are your family and your job?

    Everything is going smoothly for me. I had a job interview last week, the manager who interviewed me was very impressed by my experience and background. I got hired the very same day. The company has great management, I'm feeling very lucky to be hired.

    I have also just bought a car, for the daily commute to work, though it cost me all of my savings so I'm poor now! The car is red and black.

    Enough about me, I you are well and hope to see you again soon.

    Best wishes,


    Not a teacher only a native. I have attempted to re-write your letter (I have layed it out as if written on paper, if it is an email the format should be slightly different (no indentation after the Dear Kristina or for Best wishes, T).

    Hope this helps.

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