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Zweig (2011) wrote an article on “Meet 'Future You.' Like What You See?”and used a Stanford University’s laboratory experiment that subjects see their avatar of 70years old in a mirror displayed inside a virtual-reality headset and how their changed physical appearance of future affect their attitude for their future, especially about saving. She annotated ‘Proteus effect’, behavioral alterations in the real world that are triggered by changes in how our bodies appear to us in a virtual world, and those features of your avatar affect your mind.
He argued that despite decades of badgering, Americans are farther behind than ever in their struggle to save. So he indicated, “To make long-term financial goals more achievable, you must make yourself feel as if the future is now”. He cited, “your physical appearance affects your attitudes, your emotions and your behavior even if you're not consciously thinking about it “so laboratory presented virtual-reality to show the old feature of people self, make them to save the money for the future through recognize to think more about specific plan of future for desire of them.
This article offers technological and psychological information and shows the interaction of them. However, it gives suspicion for long-term affect of "age-morph" because interview and survey was immediate and temporary after the laboratory so, more observation should be supported. Zweig (2011) noted “Yet it is highly unusual for people to think more vividly about their future selves than about their present selves’ and added, “the most basic cause is a fundamental human frailty: We view our future selves as strangers.” In summary, I would talk future plan depends on what I ready for, and also recommend this article to read for youth and consumer who spend money impulsively. This research could helpful to them and financial counselor or worker like bank clerk or insurer who emphasize the important of saving to people for their future.