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In March 20, the allied forces started the second night of engagement against the Gadhafi forces with incredible amount of firepower used lots of weapons, including bombers, Tomahawk cruise missiles, and more. Late SUnday, a cruise misile hit a building in Gadhafi's residential compound, though it is unindentified of any casualties including Gadhafi, however set a message to Gadhafi - he is not safe. Also, the U.S., British, and French jets are causing extreme damages to Col.Gadhafi's forces, giving such damages to squads of tanks headed to Benghazi, for an example. Before these attacks from the allies, Gadhafi's forces were evidently ahesd of the rebellion fire power, taking advantages of having tanks, artillery, warplanes and warships, which are now being supressed by the allies' fire power. Against the allies, Gadhafi is still on his wit that he will fight harder towards the oppositions, and some neutral countries of striking Gadhafi are criticizing the allies, though rebellions are pleasantly praising America and France. Although the allies are resulting excellent works of air supports, nest to Gadhafi's courageous actions of fighting against the allies stand his anti-air unit missiles such as SA-5, which limits the effectiveness of air strikes, as the controversy of ground support deployment countries.