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    Takeover of work?


    what do you call a written document that is drawn up at the end of some contractory work by the two involved parties, proving that the work is OK and it is accepted by the one who has payed for it? I mean something like "A Record of the Delivery and Takeover of the Work". I suppose my version is not natural at all...

    Another problem I have is that in this record, there is a list of some partial works that remain to be done, they are unfinished. In my dictionary I found an expression "outstanding work" - but I think it is very confusing, to me "outstanding work" is something exceptionally good, not "unfinished". What do you think of this? Can "outstanding work" be used in this context?

    Thanks a lot!!

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    Re: Takeover of work?

    I am not an English teacher, but I used to be an engineer, so I am pretty familiar with this.

    I would call the document a punch list. Here is the wikipedia entry:
    Punch list - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It is a list of all the tasks left to be completed before the final payment is made. Perhaps you could do an internet search to get a good format for one.

    I agree that "outstanding work" would be correct but might also be confusing in this context. I think "unfinished work" would be correct also and much more clear.

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