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    Who redeems human? God or Jesus?

    God had sent Jesus Christ to redeem humans and qualify them for heaven.

    Who is the subject of the infinitive adverbial to redeem humans...?
    Grammatically, I suspect it would be God because the adverbial seems like one showing purpose, and therefore the sentence could be paraphrased as 'God's purpose is to redeem humans and qualify them for heaven, and therefore he had sent Jesus Christ to achieve that'.

    However, somehow it seems more natural for me to regard Jesus Christ as the subject of the adverbial, partly because he's often called the Redeemer, partly for some reason I don't really know... Would anyone please help me with this one? Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Who redeems human? God or Jesus?

    God sent Jesus Christ to us so that Jesus would redeem humans and qualify them for heaven.

    'send' takes three arguments: someone somewhere to do something. For example,

    I sent them to the store to buy flour.

    Note, an adverb of purpose answers the question why with 'because':

    Question: Why did God sent Jesus to us?
    Answer: God sent Jesus because God wanted Jesus to redeem humans.

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