hi everybody, This my motivation letter to my college. I really appreciate it if anybody check my grammar and vocabulary. Please leave your comment.

At present, I’m studying at University of economics Ho Chi Minh city and my major doesn’t have any relevance with information technology (IT). But I known that the world’s today has changed dramatically because of computers, no companies can run their business without software and internet. The more IT applied is the more opportunities to succeed in the market. Therefore, I had determined myself that the combination of business administration and IT is the principal key to be a winner.
Since I was a kid I have loved computer more than other toys, I always want to find new software to try and also contributes and repairs computers by myself. With my abilities in math and logic catching the new changes in IT seem easily to me. Nevertheless, deep down I want to be a businessman like Steve job or Lawrence Joseph who can change the world with IT products.
Business information technology program at Oulu University of applied science (oamk) has convinced me with adapting my desires. Oamk has international environment for studying business skills and high quality in education with good facility, Oulu city is also internationally known as a major center of competence in the field of high technology, particularly IT and wellness technology. This place is the greatest place for learning and practising not only in international business major but also information technology major.
At the result, I strongly believe that Oamk is the perfect school to develop my aptitude and knowledge for my foundation in future life.