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    How to refuse polite

    Dear teacher,

    Could you show me how i refuse polite a requirement of my staff?

    As you know, some time, my staff would like to write mail for requirement some equipment such as: Camera, laptop, other... but it is not necessery and on time so i want to refuse a cause as follow:

    I am fully undertand what you are doing now. But I think it is not really necessory now.

    Would you please wait some more time when you have a clear job and have to go out for business trip so we will refer this mater again.

    Could you please use temperary desktop computer here for work?

    I hope you undertand me.

    Thank you very much.

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    Re: How to refuse polite

    I am not an English teacher, but I think the following letter would be clear and polite:

    Dear Mr. Employee,

    I have received your request for a new laptop and have given it careful consideration. Unfortunately I will not be able to grant your request at this time. [It would be nice to include a reason here if possible] Please continue to use your temporary desktop computer for the time being. If your needs change in the future - for instance, if you need to take a computer on a business trip - we can revisit this matter.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Mr. Boss

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