I want to send message a university admission officer in order to ask something.
Actually this is first time for me to send such message to officials.
I try to write message by myself.
If you find some garammer mistakes in this contents, or somewhat impolite expression, and moreover if you have another better phrases than mine, please let me know that.

Dear Sir,
My name is Mayuko *****and I am a student at *****university in Japan.

Today the reason why I am writing this email to you is I'd like to ask some questions about the entrance requirement of the department of International Relations. From what I've seen of the contents of this admission requirement, as to the academic transcript needed to submit, there doesn't seem to establish minimum standards which is demanded for admission like GPA. I know for instance almost graduate schools in England requires at least GPA 3.0. Is there a necessary standard to meet for entrance as well ? Also, the documents submitted for application doesn’t seem like to include English level certificates such as TOEFL or IELTS, but if applicants need to submit this certificate, is there the range of English scores for its entering?
Please let me know the answers of above questions. I would appreciate your prompt reply.
Mayuko *****

Should I say first "I wish to go to the department of International Relations at a graduate school"? Moreover at the last of the message, I should write my private information and give the date exactly sending this message.

Please tell me your advice.