That's the topic prompt:

Write an essay in which you compose an argument of evaluation (in the form of a midterm self-evaluation). On the Longman website, the authors define the evaluative argument as one that “tries to convince the reader that the criteria that a writer uses to evaluate a situation are the appropriate criteria, and therefore, that the writer's evaluation of a situation is an accurate one”
In other words, you’ll be writing an argument in which you make a claim about how well you’ve done in this class up to this point in the semester. Of course, after doing so, you’ll need to provide your reader with compelling and persuasive evidence.

Movie reviews are good examples of evaluative arguments. As a matter of fact, you might want to have a look at a few such persuasive pieces before you begin. To help you get started, I’ll provide you with a few reviews of No Country for Old Men
Your audience for this essay is me, your RHET 102 instructor. Your point is to convince me that the criteria you’ve selected are appropriate and that your self-assessment is accurate. To help you make your case, you should use the three types of appeals we’ve been discussing. You may also consider using counterarguments and refutations in this essay.