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    Smile help me ,please!

    question 1.what does"lip coat" mean?
    question 2.when we say my skin is oily or sensitive ,can we use "combinative" to describle my skin ?
    querstion3.when "balancing" is used in some skin care products ,what is the meaning?
    question 4.Is "oil-control balancing lotion" true? or just "oil -control lotion"?

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    Re: help me ,please!

    Lip coat might've been used to mean "lipstick" (I found the term on some sites selling lipsticks but I'm not sure how common it is).

    I think the proper term is "combination skin" and it's normally used when you have an oily T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and dry cheeks.

    Balancing might mean different things but say you've got a balancing toner. Its job is to regulate excess oil without leaving your skin bone-dry.

    I'm not sure what you meant by asking if those terms were 'true'. I've seen both used. Manufacturers go for all kinds of names to make you convince what they've got to offer is top-quality, highly specialist, and basically working wonders. So their products cleanse, tone, balance, moisturise, and cook dinner.
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    Re: help me ,please!

    Try to give your thread a good title; people will see the title and decide whether to open it and read it or not.

    Help me, please! or Urgent Help Required!!!!!!
    These are not good titles; they give no idea of what the thread is about.

    Meaning of 'lip coat'?
    This title is clear and people will instantly know what the thread is about. Try to include the theme or topic of the thread in the title. If you include keywords in the title, the forum software will automatically display threads with th same keywords at the bottom of the page, so you will be able to see other discussions on similar topics.


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