Is it important to be able to work with a group of people on a team or to work independently? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

There has been endless discussion over working methods. Some people are in favor of working independently while others find working together as a team a great marvel. Personally, the latter is my great choice.
First and foremost, what I put in my priority is the knowledge exchange. It is apparent that a personís knowledge and skills are limited. Therefore, when I become a member of the team, there is likelihood for me to realize my demerits and get assistance from my colleagues. More notably, cooperating with a lot of people coming from different cultures and various backgrounds enables me to widen my mind. For example, when interacting with Japanese co-workers, I discover their highly spiritual discipline and how they make good use of limited natural resources. Indeed, teamwork is the best way for people to interchange their knowledge.
Secondly, what deserves my great attention is friendship enhancement. Teamwork provides me a good chance to collaborate with my friends and experience challenging work together. By means of it, we have more time to develop our friendship, which seems so hard to achieve if we work independently. Furthermore, team spirit is improved as well. Take criminal investigation for example, it is always risky and requires a lot of people all the time. When supporting each other to apprehend the culprits, we are also enhancing team spirit between us. Without doubts, working in a team helps me to create a cooperative and friendly work environment with my colleagues.
Lastly, working efficiency is noteworthy. With the combination of all peopleís experience and judgments, we can discuss the task assignments and com up with diverse problem solving methods to seek the most efficient solution. Moreover, to work in a team can boost productivity. If one employee is responsible for entire process including research, creating proposition, financing and implementation, it takes a lot of time to fully accomplish the project. Instead of, through dividing into smaller work and specializing in each step, teamwork can reach the goals quickly. Indeed, working in a group of people is bound to create the wisest method to finish the work.
In conclusion, knowledge exchange, relationship enhancement and working efficiency are the effective benefits of teamwork. I recommend that both employees and supervisors should consider my explanation to approach proper methodology in work.

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