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    1. What does 'just let slip upon the world' mean? (She knew no more shorthand than if she had been a graduate in stenography just let slip upon the world by a business college.)

    2. What does 'ball-roomed' mean? (The restaurant was next door to the old red brick in wich she ball-roomed.)

    3. What does 'the coloured gentelman's head' mean? Maybe it is some kind of game in an old amusement park. (Served as fast as you throw the five baseballs at the coloured gentelman's head.)

    4. What does 'wood-starring dogwood' mean?

    5. What is menanig of this sentence? Farmers have been loved and wedded and turned out to grass in less time.

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    Re: Help!

    1. She has just graduated from business college with a marginal education.

    2. Ballroom [dancing] is a type of formal dancing.

    3. Coloured gentlemen are dark-skinned (African, Indian, etc.) men. A head is a nautical term for a toilet. This obviously refers to the days of segregation where white people did not share their facilities with non-whites.

    4. Sorry, I've never heard of this.

    5. People have lived their entire adult lives (courtship to the grave) in less time.


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