A friend in need is a friend indeed

Friendship is a very complex relation. How much can you expect from another person?The answear seems to be easy: as much as you would do for that person in return. But in real world things not always work that way.

During our life we all meet a lot of people. Some of them we like more other less and some we even foreget after 5 minutes. We usually choose for closest friends those poeple which we can count on the most. A true friend is not affraid of saying the truth to us. We even expect that form our friends.

Nowadays, word friendship is used too frequently. We call just met people friends, we even consider people which we have never seen on our eyes, as friends. But will they help us if we are in need? Will they be interested in our problems? Will they even find the time to listen to us?

As you can see a true friend is somebody that cares about us, but not only that. It is somebodythat we also care about.

Remmeber that when you add another "friend" on some social website.