Hi ! I'm in 9th grade and for the next year i'd like to do the international section. A cover letter is needed and I wanted to write it in english (to show my skills)

Can you correct me, tell me what's wrong with it and what I should change ?

Objet : Cover Letter

Why do I want go in the international section ?

Dear Sir or Madam,,
My name is XXX XXX Iím currently 9th grade at XXX Middle school and Iíd like to apply for your international section.

I speak french and I learn german at school, of course I learn english too. Iím also self teaching japanese with books.

If I want to go in this section itís mostly because I want to improve my skills in English.
Later I want to be a interpreter and I will need to master the English language.
The common level of this language in the high school is not enough for me, I want to learn more and more until I am able to talk in English properly with an English-speaking person.
I think that speaking English is really important today . I can see it everyday .
Sometimes I speak with foreign person on internet (. American, German, even Indian people sometimes ), and itís most of the time in english because everybody learn it.Each time itís amazing and I learn a lots of idioms and words.
To increase my level I like to watch some American show in original version. The last one was the movie ďBig FishĒ by Tim Burton, without subtitle.
I love read books in their original version too, I started with Harry Potter because It was easy to understand, now I read books like ďAnimal FarmĒ from George Orwell.
Itís really working because sometimes I think in English, but worse, I answer to people sometimes !
But all those things have nothing to do with going in the country itself. Thatís why Iím planning to study abroad in the United States. It will be certainly difficult but Iím ready to go and live an incredible enriching experience.

Please accept, Sir or Madam my most distinguished salutations.

What do you think ?Is it good enough ? Are there too many mistakes ? Should I write it in French ?

Thank you for the one who will read it and give me advice !